A tale of two explosions

Posted by dearwifey on Fri 26 November 2010


With a loud hissing sound in the background, I stood in the middle of the kitchen, stunned, and helplessly watched two high-pressure steams from the pressure cooker, spraying everywhere!

I don’t know what I was thinking -- I popped open the release valve  on my pressure cooker when it had been cooking on "high" for 20 minutes.  Now I KNOW the power of a pressure cooker!

After the eruption (and I) calmed down, I started to count my blessings: (1) I was cooking bean soup and not chicken soup hence it was relatively easier to clean, (2) the trajectories of the two hot steams were aiming slightly besides me and not toward me, and (3) this was a great opportunity to thoroughly clean up the kitchen!

Ah, so with thankfulness in my heart, I washed everything from dishes to pots, stove to appliances, and wall to floor!  It took us a whole day to reasonably tidy up the mess.

The mess -- it reminded me of the "bird bombs" that our study sustained back in April. In April, our condo complex had a fire, and it destroyed our neighbours' homes. Fortunately, our condo suffered no damage. Nevertheless, the firefighters still came to our house to spray foam in our attic, accessible through the ceiling in the study.

The firefighters left without closing up the attic, and we were not allowed to return to the house for three days.  After we came back from our impromptu-mini-vacation and entered the study, we were greeted by a new post-modern painting -- with bird poop as the paint, and the room as the canvas!

The bird must have flown into the attic through the burned-down condo, and when she saw the light from our room, she flew toward the light but got trapped inside.  Out of either happiness or panic, she pooped everywhere –- soft, slushy drops splashed on the wall, desk, computer, and things in between.

Awww… we forgot to take pictures of these disasters for the viewing pleasure our readers!  In the bird bomb case, I immediately rolled my sleeves and started to clean up.  In the pressure cooker case, I was too shocked to think.

In the evening I finally finished cleaning and just collapsed on the couch by Sean, who buried himself in his work, as usual.  I had this strange thought, "some photos of these disasters would have captured the fun of my domestic life."  And so I murmured, "hmm… too bad it is impossible to replicate these disastrous scenes for some good picture memories…."  To this, Sean immediately sprang his head from his computer and firmly said, "oh, no, never again!"

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