ACTS praise chapel

Posted by seanho on Thu 22 March 2007

I thoroughly enjoy Trinity's weekly praise chapel every Friday at 11am; the student-led worship teams are so enthusiastic in leading hundreds of students in praise. ACTS, the seminaries associated with TWU, has their own chapel twice weekly, but in my two years here at TWU, I hadn't made the trek across campus to visit -- until now! Today's ACTS chapel was special: the CanIL students, led by Daryn, led a wonderful time of worship, complete with singing, string quartet, and choir anthems. The atmosphere is so much more intimate, only about 40 people; it was so refreshing! It was also very cool to chat afterward with all the friends there from church -- Esther, Jon, Daryn, and Sally. I enjoyed hearing Sally share about her+Tom's calling to missions. My observation agrees with hers that the bureaucracy so often quenches rather than encourages those with a heart to serve. But with or without denominational support, if God calls, we must go!

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