After three years...

Posted by seanho on Sat 17 September 2011

So yes, we have not updated our blog for a long time.  There is really no excuse; we simply did not push ourselves hard enough to write.  Besides Sean’s ministry and part-time job, we spend our free time talking, napping, cooking (me) and eating (Sean and me), or just moseying around the house.  We have a lot of fun together and are amazed at the endless entertainment that we bring to each other in our ordinary daily life.

Sean manages his own invitations and ministry schedule.  After he confirms an invitation, he has the good habit of putting it on Google Calendar.   In order for me to know where I am going each Sunday, I have to look up his calendar on Google from time to time and copy it to my phone’s calendar.  (I have no direct access to his computer or cell phone – he takes gadget security seriously – he uses strong passwords or his fingerprint.)  So, yesterday I was doing just that.  As I flipped to October, I noticed this entry on Oct 21: “engagement”.  I confessed I grumbled when I saw it.  I mean, who holds an engagement party on a weekday?  (Weird.)  Who invited Sean but not me?  (How rude!)  Is Sean going to a party without telling me?!  (Is this an old flame?  But he has long insisted that he had none.)

I scratched my head and started to poke around other entries to find clues..   After about 10 minutes, my smarts seemed to come back – wait, when did I get engaged?  I tried to recall.  Oh yes, we got engaged on Oct 21, 2008!  Oh, so THIS is MY engagement!

I then promptly forgot about the above until today.  I was thinking about our blog and came here to see what we had written, and I saw the word “engagement” in an old entry.  Before I forgot about it again, I ran upstairs to the study and told Sean about it.  “Duh,” he laughed, “It is YOUR engagement.”  He went on, “You will see ‘anniversary’ on May 23 on the calendar next year.  It is YOUR wedding anniversary, silly pie.”  “Oh… yeah… I will remember that!”  (I did twice forget about my previous anniversaries!)  And we just laughed and hugged and laughed some more!

Yup, so here, we finally wrote a blog entry after a long hiatus.  This also commemorates our 3-year-engagement-anniversary, yes.  And I do hope I can write more blog entries about Sean, who also has no shortage of funny stories on his forgetfulness.  I promise I will write them down if/when I recall these moments!

[Photo: Sean on our engagement day]