BCS Three Points Elementary School

Posted by seanho on Sat 11 November 2006

I was down in Seattle this weekend for a quick visit to see old friends (photos in separate album). Saturday afternoon, I had a little bit of spare time in the neighborhood, so on a whim I stopped by my old elementary school. Nobody was around, but it was still so cool to be reminded of old memories: it's been nearly twenty years since I was last here. We used to hide out inside these truck tires; they still smell the same. I once wore my winter jacket every day to school for a whole school year -- just to prove to myself that I could do it! So peculiar....

My old sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Downs, is apparently still teaching; his name is still above one of the doors. As I walked down the corridor past the classrooms, I was reminded of just how precious a solid, Bible-based Christian education is, especially for the impressionable primary-school years!

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