Burnaby Pacific Grace Church

Posted by seanho on Sun 18 March 2007

This morning was fun; my friend Josh invited me to visit his church up on the north side of Burnaby! I was quite impressed with Pastor Darryl here: his passionate and down-to-earth expository preaching stayed faithful to the Scripture but also hit very practical applications for the congregation of mostly teens and parents. It's a funny story about Josh: when we were both new and checking out churches, we both visited ECBC at the same time, then coincidentally FL also! Then for a few weeks he was at Port Moody PGMB, which I had visited earlier, too. He's settled at Burnaby PGC for over a year now, and is transferring membership. It's a good thing; God can use him powerfully to build up spiritual maturity and instill a biblical mentality in the young adults here. Over sushi lunch, we had a great time catching up and discussing church vision; we have different perspectives -- he from humanities, I from sciences -- but a common goal in Christ!

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