Capilano Reservoir at Cleveland Dam

Posted by seanho on Sun 13 January 2008

`49°21'35.8848" N by 123°06'32.439" W <>`__

It's been a long time since I last had a free Sunday afternoon to go exploring. I used to have time after church to go driving, to Horseshoe Bay, or up the hills of North Vancouver, or all the way out to Mount Baker, or even just close by at Trout Lake. But the past several months, Sundays have just been zounds-busy for me, and the afternoons are usually occupied with teaching Sunday School, or small group, or somesuch. It is nice to take a relaxing walk today.

There's a chill wind today blowing up from below the dam, but at this spot on a grassy hill next to the reservoir, the air is quiet. Above, the skyscape changes quickly as the clouds are whisked along by the arctic front. Patterns of light and shadow skip across the forested hills; the mountains are tipped with brilliant white snow-covered pines. I take a deep breath; a lot still weighs on my mind, but I am captivated by this beauty.

This morning I had a splendid time at Vancouver Chinese Mennonite Church and Chinese Grace Mennonite Churches, sister churches both shepherded by Pastor Billy. It warmed my heart to see the cozy family atmosphere at these small churches -- the English services were only about 20-30 each. But there was a joy on the kids' faces in being there, and a contentment in the parents. Poor Pastor Billy has his hands quite full, though, running between the two -- and now Basel Hakka wants him to help out there, too, now that Pastor Karli has stepped down to be a full-time mom. We'll keep praying for them!

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