CBBC retreat in Los Banos, CA

Posted by seanho on Sun 09 September 2007

`37°05'57"N by 121°00'42"W <http://maps.google.com/maps?q=37%C2%B005'57.68%22N%20121%C2%B000'42.67%22W&t=h>`__

It's so wild, for the second year in a row CBBC church in Los Altos, CA is holding their annual retreat at the Mission de Oro near Los Banos -- it's a Ramada Inn in the middle of nowhere, essentially a truck-stop off I-5! But we had a great time; staying in a hotel was quite convenient for the seniors, and the food wasn't half bad.

The kids were incredible, so creative and energetic, full of ideas and full of initiative! As is par for the course at retreats like this, we stayed up late on the last night of the retreat, gathered around a little flashlight in lieu of a campfire, chatting about real-life "ghost" stories (but greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world!) and fielding some deep and honest questions about God.

Here we are shortly before we bid adieu to one another, with some of the upper-classmen guys of the youth group. There's the youth pastor, Dangerous Dave the Dare Devil, on the far right. I honestly have no idea what Brett is doing in front.... :) With the rest of the guys and girls, I think we had somewhere around 25 people on the English side!

Photo from Catherine's camera, stolen from her Facebook.

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