CCGC Richmond youth!

Posted by seanho on Sun 04 February 2007

Well, this was a fun weekend; I got to hang out with a bunch of wonderful kids, both old friends and new friends! On Friday night I had the privilege to share with the very bright and genuine youth of Surrey ECBC's True Love fellowship. I could hardly believe their attention spans as they listened to a boring old professor talk about science and the Bible for nearly an hour and a half! I was so impressed with their engaging, insightful questions and passionate desire to share the gospel with their classmates. Thanks to Jason for extending the invitation and for working so faithfully with the kids!

Today's photo is from this afternoon's service with the precious kids of the PowerTeens youth group at CCGC Richmond. Here Xiao-yi is getting all tangled up in our "human knot" icebreaker game. There were a lot of newcomers, especially at the Richmond church! The kids at both Burnaby and Richmond congregations have grown since last I was here, and it was so heartwarming just to see their adorable smiling faces! The tent camping trip last summer was an especially precious time building relationships with these kids. I'll get to see them again next week!

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