CCM at Crystal Mall

Posted by seanho on Wed 25 July 2007

Today we had a planning meeting forĀ CCM's upcoming youth leadership camp. CCM has a huge office space right in the middle of Crystal Mall (right behind the food court!), a prime location to reach many Chinese in the area, and they've got a heart for outreach and "pre"-evangelism. Allen has been working hard on their youth and children's ministries, and for this leadership camp we've got 30 teens and young adults signed up already -- with about a third of them non-Christians! We're excited for this outreach opportunity.

Most humbling for me at this planning meeting was the realization that I'm the oldest person there -- and I'm supposed to be the source of wise counsel! Still, it was so encouraging and humbling to see these young people, down to grade-11, so gifted and dedicated, enthusiastic and willing to serve God. Reminds me of youth group when I was their age.... oh dear, I really do sound like an old fogey now, eh?

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