CCM youth camp: group photo

Posted by seanho on Sun 05 August 2007

CCM's youth leadership camp at Camp Luther! Whoo, what a precious group of young servant-leaders! May God's grace and strength be upon them as they strive to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God. Looking forward to seeing them again at the camp reunion next Saturday! OK, here's my best attempt at getting everyone's name; correct me if I messed it up!

Standing on table: Allen, Ray (in back), Tommy, Amos, Linden, Hugo, Ken, Golden, Alvin.
Kneeling on table (or standing next to it): Dave, Jimmy, Patrick, Edison, Alvin, Aaron, Wilson, Kelvin, Wilson, Sean.
Sitting on bench: Norman, Mikael, Tim, Ninh, Belinda, Snow, Mandy, Eileen, Karen, William, Jonathan
Sitting on ground: Timothy, William, Sylver, Clarissa, Cory, Amari, Alyssa, Lorraine, Karyn, Jenny, Spencer (in back), Ting Ting, Erick, Tony (in back).

More photos in a separate album (including the "crazy" group photo!)

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