Christian Social Concern Fellowship

Posted by seanho on Sat 15 September 2007

Today I was invited as an adjunct ("responding") speaker at a forum organized by the Christian Social Concern Fellowship, hosted by CCM. The primary speaker was a Chinese pastor from Toronto, Rev. Dominic Tse, but the focus was on having compassion and being involved ("incarnate," to use a word that I feel is often abused) in the local Canadian community. We had a small, cozy group of about 20 English-speaking Chinese, teens and adults.

It was kind of an interesting experience for me, participating in a kind of ministry that I don't often have direct interaction with, broadening my horizons a bit. It also was an odd feeling for me when they always insisted on addressing me as "Dr. Ho". :) I had a great conversation over dinner with Brian Roodnick from West Point Grey Academy; it was delightful to gather insight from an experienced fellow teacher.

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