Christmas celebration at church

Posted by seanho on Sat 16 December 2006

Our church has three Christmas services, one in Cantonese yesterday, one in English tomorrow, and this one tonight in Mandarin. My mommy dearest got to give the message here tonight. It was quite a big production, with a big combined choir (in back), an eclectic orchestra (mid-stage) including a couple huge kettle drums (at right), and a children's choir (in a row up front) with a cool set of handbells. It was pretty cool, each contingent (choir, orchestra, handbell choir) had their own conductor, and Abraham was the master conductor orchestrating everything -- quite the "maestro"! The handbells sounded very pretty, but were a little hard to hear. The drums were viciously loud. There was a very cute little boy in the handbell choir; every time the big drums boomed, he'd jump a little!

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