Deer Lake near Harrison Hot Springs

Posted by seanho on Mon 02 July 2007

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After seeing the CCGC kids off on the bus and cleaning up the campsite a bit, I was free for the rest of the day, didn't have to give anyone a ride home. The camp site is way out in Sasquatch Provincial Park, about 15 minutes north of the famous Harrison Hot Springs resort. I'd never been here before, so I figured I'd cruise around a bit and enjoy the warm weather. This is Deer Lake, nearby our campground -- that little beach in centre frame is accessible via a short trail from our campsites. One of the kids told me that he got up at 5am this morning and walked down to that beach all by himself -- yipes!

I spent a few more hours at another beach on Harrison Lake, the Greenspot day area -- munched a packed sandwich, took a nap on driftwood on the sandy beach, played guitar, and soaked in the sunshine. The drive home afterward was nice, too -- I had been warned about Highway 1 traffic due to the holiday weekend, so I took the winding and scenic two-lane Lougheed Highway (Hwy 7), snacking on some delicious fresh BC cherries. I was awfully tired -- even just from one day with the kids -- but it was a pleasant and relaxing way to spend the holiday!

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