Dinner in lieu of Starfield concert

Posted by seanho on Sat 26 April 2008

Our TGIF young-adults' small group had been looking forward to the big Starfield concert at Willingdon Church today, but our plans got derailed!

At Starfield's concert the previous night in Abbotsford at Central Heights MB Church, there was a terrible incident wherein the sanctuary floor collapsed under hundreds of kids! Thankfully, nobody perished; there were numerous minor injuries but only two major injuries. God was certainly protecting them! The insurance investigators and city engineers are continuing to look at the building to see what exactly happened, but I blame it on these kids nowadays and their "pogoing", jumping up and down in time to the music.

<begin crotchety old man voice>
These young-'uns and their newfangled jumping, why when I was their age, we lifted our hands and were happy with that!
<end crotchety old man voice> :)

So our concert tonight got cancelled, but still we wanted to get together as a small group ... we can still pray for those who were involved in the incident. We met at Anducci's in Guilford (thanks Sunny for the great recommendation!) and had a nice meal, even though it was only the three of us, followed by a pleasant walk out by Fort Langley.

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