Dr. Raymond's inauguration as TWU president

Posted by seanho on Sat 14 October 2006

Today we had a fancy inauguration ceremony for Dr. Jonathan Raymond as TWU's third president; the ceremony was held at Pacific Academy's rather posh Pattison Auditorium in Surrey. We all wore our floofy hats and regalia, but I still wore my trusty Birkenstocks! Honestly, I rather dislike ceremony and pomp, meh. This snapshot was surreptitiously taken from my second-row seat on stage with the faculty. Dr. Raymond is up front in the blue, right hand upheld and left hand on the Bible as he takes the oath of office. His wife Irene is on his left, and the chair of the board Allan Hedberg is on his right. The folks in red are from the Salvation Army band; they did a great job. I was quite impressed with the conductor: he was so relaxed, it demonstrated a lot of confidence in the band. Good leadership style!

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