Dreaming about box wrenches

Posted by seanho on Mon 09 October 2006

OK, so last night I had the oddest dream: I was in a big auto parts store like MOPAC, shortly before closing time, browsing the shelves. I spent a long time looking at their open/closed wrench sets (like this one I got from Home Depot) and a bunch of headgaskets, but I didn't quite know what I wanted to buy. I stayed past closing, and they started turning out the lights as a hint to leave, but when I got to the checkout line, I felt bad because the only thing I'd gotten was a bundle of zip-ties for $2.95. I had planned on paying with a couple toonies (CAD$2 coins for you U.S. folk), but the cashier started giving me a bunch of change like I was giving her a $50, so I had to give her a $50. There were a lot of other people checking out, and as I was shuffling all the bills back into my wallet, this tall guy next to me kept bumping up against me. It made me a bit nervous, like he was going to pickpocket me or somesuch. Anyway, I got out of there okay, and then I woke up from my dream!

Dunno what all that says about me, maybe something about my indecisiveness, or maybe just that I spend too much time working on my car! At the least, it shows that I've been in Canada long enough to start dreaming in Canadian currency...

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