Faculty Retreat 2010

Posted by seanho on Tue 24 August 2010

Another year, another faculty retreat at Cedar Springs!

I've grown used to these faculty retreats now: this is how we start off each school year, giving us a chance to connect with other faculty across different disciplines, and bringing us back into the swing of the Fall semester after a summer of pursuing our own research interests. It's a nice gesture to have a little getaway, and I know the organizing committees (composed of fellow faculty like ourselves) work hard at it.

This year, though, I can't help but feel like I'm physically present but mentally absent.  I'm not enthralled by the talks like I was in years past; I can't relate with the small talk from my colleagues, and even the appeal of the beautiful natural surroundings has diminished for me somewhat.  Maybe it's me; maybe I'm being unappreciative of what God's given me.  Or maybe this is just no longer my scene, I don't know.

I miss my dear wifey; I would love to bring her here to walk along the lake or through the surrounding forest.  I feel I am unable to enjoy it fully without her; she is a part of me!

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