First day of classes: MATH108 classroom

Posted by seanho on Thu 06 September 2007

Summer is officially over for us, and the new semester has come upon us so quickly; I am really under-prepared for it! I'm still recuperating from all the retreats this summer -- seven so far, with one more to go this coming weekend. And of course, so few of those are really "retreats" for me, more like working camps! I think I've been chronically sleep-deprived all summer, and right on the threshold of getting sick. My mom observes that if I am seriously under-slept for three days in a row, I get sick -- that's just one of those peculiarities of my body.

I'm excited to be teaching our MATH108 class again -- this is our introductory statistics class for nursing students. The nursing students are always so well motivated, eager to learn, and sweet; they are a joy to teach. But this is theĀ only math class they will ever take in university, so I have my work cut out for me! This is our classroom; it was recently renovated over the summer with new chalkboards and an LCD projector (finally!) and sound system. Unfortunately, it was also reduced in size -- we have to squeeze 45 MATH108 students in here!

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