Food shopping on an empty stomach

Posted by seanho on Mon 09 April 2007

Normally I just go down the street to the Save-On Foods for grocery shopping, but today I had a bit of extra time, so I made a trip out to the T&T oriental market in Surrey! Ohhh, so much yummy food, the folks who've lived here long don't know how good they have it here! Fresh-baked coffee bread, taro buns, BBQ pork buns, Taiwanese pineapple bread, durian, rambutan, longyan, bok choy of all sorts, beautiful and cheap Asian pears, live geoduck, clams, crabs -- and even, shown here, ba-kut-eh stew mix! (made in Canada by a Singaporean company.) I haven't had ba-kut-eh since my last trip to Malaysia so long ago. So much yumminess; people looked at me funny as I walked around with this huge grin on my face the whole time!

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