Gardenia blossom!

Posted by seanho on Fri 05 January 2007

Ah, the sweet fragrance of gardenia! We had a gardenia back when we lived in Seattle; it did very well and grew to be quite a bush. In season, dozens of flowers would fill the room with the distinctive scent. My good pal Dennis is the caretaker of that plant now, down in the Seattle area; I'm still thinking of bringing a cutting back. But getting successful cuttings from gardenias is very tricky, so I figured I'd get a gardenia up here to try my hand first. Of course, this one (Vetchii) has been in greenhouse conditions, so it came with nearly a dozen buds. I fully expected most of them to drop off with the shock of being in a different environment, but so far none have fallen, and here I even have the first blossom! Yay!

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