Golden Ears at sunset

Posted by seanho on Thu 28 December 2006

`49° 9' 8" N by 122° 32' 36" W <>`__

Well, I never thought "seasonal affective disorder" would affect me -- I always liked the gentle drizzle and soft grey light that we get here in the Pacific NW -- but this past week I've been cooped up indoors and kinda bummed out a bit. So when I saw some golden sunlight and brilliant blue skies today, I set my mind to go out and enjoy it! There are so many photo opportunities right here around Langley, so I didn't need to go far, just up to nearby Fort Langley on the banks of the Fraser River. Up a small bluff I found this quiet horse farm; everything here was so still and peaceful. Now if only those horses would pause to lift their heads for me!

(More photos in a separate album)

Prayer meeting tonight was quite surprising, in a good way. The theme was "thanksgiving sharing", and since we only had about 15 people, everyone around the circle got about 5 minutes to share what they're thankful to God for from 2006, and to pray. It was amazing: every one of us shared some very personal and honest testimonies, struggles that God has brought us through this year. No Sunday façades here! I was so happy to see that! It seems like prayer meeting is finally starting to become its own open community/fellowship, rather than yet another spectacle for people to drop in on anonymously. One of our popular Willow-Creek catchphrases is "authenticity", and we often equate it with small groups. But I think tonight was a good illustration that authenticity can and ought to extend beyond the small group!

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