IKEA glass coffee table

Posted by seanho on Sat 07 October 2006

Yep, so pretty much all this time ever since I moved in, I haven't had a coffee table in my living room. I'd planned on getting one, but never got a round tuit. Well, since small group is meeting at my place this Saturday, I had a good excuse to make a trip out to IKEA on this Thanksgiving holiday weekend! I had my sights set on a 100cm-diameter round glass table, but when I saw it in person, I realized it'd be a bit too big for my living room. Plus, like many IKEA things, it wasn't particularly ... shall we say ... sturdy. Then I spotted this table (GILLSBY, 100x60x37cm, CAD$89). It was listed as a TV stand rather than a coffee table, but its design as a TV stand means that it's considerably less flimsy than the coffee table designs. The tempered glass is supposed to handle up to 165lbs; that's about as much as I weigh! I'm quite happy with the table; I like the glass and think it looks nice. Really not kid-safe, though....

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