Jason + Connie's "Jack + Jill"

Posted by seanho on Sun 20 July 2008

Jason and Connie are just the sweetest couple! They'll be getting married this September at Fraser Lands; we're all excited for them! In my eyes, they've always exemplified the childlike faith that Christ calls us to have, a very pure, unshakeable faith and an earnest thirst for God. They are both very caring and empathetic -- and exceedingly cute together!

Today they had their "Jack and Jill" party -- kind of a combined bachelor/bachelorette party. In the first part of the evening we had separate guys/girls activities (I use the term "activities" loosely for the guys -- mostly we just hung out on the couch, ate chips, and watched sports on TV!). Then the girls joined us and we had some embarrassing games for the couple, and plenty of food and mixing to be had all around.

I was so glad to be there for this "Jack and Jill" party, to celebrate with Jason+Connie, particularly because I won't be able to make it to their actual wedding. I would have loved to be there for them to lead songs at the wedding, but Dan's wedding in NC is the same day, and Dan has subtly threatened me with organized crime syndicates from two countries if I don't come to his wedding! :)

More photos in a separate album.

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