Jason + Karen's wedding!

Posted by seanho on Sat 23 August 2008

Yay, our very own cutest couple ever, Jason+Karen, are getting married! This is our first wedding in our TGIF youth/young-adults' fellowship, and I believe the second wedding for our church in this church building. Jason and Karen are such a terrific couple together; they are both stable and mature Christians, and super-cute together! They had their fair share of trials while planning for the wedding, but by God's grace they came through together, Jason and his "Special-K"! (or, as he called her during wedding preparations, KIC -- "Karen In Charge"!)

The sanctuary at SCAC is also gorgeous for a wedding, with all the lovely stone granite flooring and stately columns, lavish chandeliers and abundant flowers -- it's like this every Sunday; it hardly needs to be decorated for a wedding!

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