Jr. high boys at NewLife!

Posted by seanho on Sun 22 June 2008

Whew, the summer season is in full swing now, and for me that means church camps! Eight this summer, just about one every other week!

This weekend is the New Life gospel camp, a family camp with about 220 people, organized by Paul and Meiling and their bible study group. Since it's positioned as a gospel camp, they didn't want to compete with church camps, and intended for it to be aimed toward non-Christians who are seeking. I had charge of the 20-odd teenagers, together with a team of four or five other counsellors. The coworkers were from all over the area, different churches, so some of us hadn't even met before the camp! But we worked well together as a team; praise God!

This year we ended up having a lot of joint activities between the teens and the younger children; that was a lot of fun! But handling 53 kids ages 3-16 in one enclosed room (with echo-y linoleum floors) was quite an experience! Praise God that all of us coworkers really had a united heart to bring the kids to the feet of Jesus.

The whole weekend, I was running around scrambling at my usual frenetic pace, so I didn't get to take any pictures with my camera. This frame was shot by one of my boys Dustin, during our small group discussion/hang-out time with the seven junior-high boys in my small room. I think we spent more time tossing the ball around, blowing bubbles, and repairing LED flashlights than we spent in deep sharing, but it was time well-spent!

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