Kittens at SVPG small group

Posted by seanho on Fri 06 July 2007

Tonight I had the opportunity to sit in onĀ SVPG's "Excellence" discipleship small group, newly started by Pastor Justin. Nora brought four newborn orphan kittens to try to give away; they're so adorable! Here PJ is settling the one male in his own box separate from the females.

I was pleasantly surprised at the large turnout tonight: sixteen people ranging from high school to university to young parents, all excited about being challenged and stretched to grow in their faith, wherever they are in their walk with Christ. Pastor Justin has positioned the group as "only for those who want to be challenged", who want to do something extra to grow -- there's no obligation to join; it's okay to not join and still be a good Christian. So the sixteen people who came are a real answer to prayer! Tonight PJ preached passionately on peacemaking, inspired by John 17:24 and Matthew 5:9. The sharing around the table afterward was so honest and vulnerable; it was really quite refreshing, and promising for the future growth of the group.

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