Linen shopping at the Bay

Posted by seanho on Sat 30 December 2006

You know that old stereotype about guys being "goal-oriented" when they shop -- get in, get the goods, and get out? Yeah, I fit that stereotype perfectly, especially when it comes to shopping for linens and clothes. But I really did need new bedsheets, so off I went to WillowBrook mall on the last day of Boxing Week. Ten minutes later, here I am, mission accomplished, ready to go home!

Then I remembered I've been wanting a nice long winter overcoat, warmer than my windbreaker and nicer than my big parka. So I walked around the mall, visiting every men's clothing store and trying on coats, and actually just ... shopping. What an odd experience! I spent two hours there; I was quite proud of myself. The women reading this are probably rolling their eyes right now, but have patience with me -- I'm not good at this! I often like to see the whole range first, then pick the best from what's available. So I poked through the Bay's selection, then went to a specialty store and tried this really soft 15/85 cashmere/wool formal topcoat. The fabric was so nice, and it was on sale, too -- for only $695! yipes!

In the end I went next door and bought a fairly standard London Fog lined trenchcoat for $50. I'm quite happy with it; I'm content!

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