Long-distance prayer meeting

Posted by seanho on Sat 01 December 2007

My dear friends Tim and Melissa in North Carolina have always had such pure hearts for the gospel, dedicated and straightforward in their desire to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the unreached and unchurched. Tim has so faithfully persevered in his role as youth director at the church in NC, and although he may not be getting much treasure here on earth for it, he is storing up an abundance of treasure in heaven by discipling and investing in the lives of those teens.

They've received a calling from God and a commissioning from Greater Europe Mission (GEM) to pick up their family, move across the pond, and be salt and light in a vastly under-served people group that has only a nominal Catholic background. I am cheering them on; it's so exciting to be following God's calling and living totally by faith in Christ!

Tonight Tim hosted a special prayer meeting at their home to cover their new mission with prayer. I joined in by speakerphone, a continent and three time-zones away! (Thanks to Vonage and free long-distance!) I snapped this photo so they'd have a face to attach to the voice, but I forgot to send it early enough.... Still, it was so nice to know that, even across the distance and the time, our hearts are still united, in Christ and in prayer.

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