Lunch with Uncle Paul

Posted by seanho on Thu 16 August 2007

Today my mommy and I got to have a nice long lunch with Uncle Paul and Auntie Sarah, dim sum at the posh Kirin seafood restaurant in Richmond. Uncle Paul is my mom's little brother -- can you see the resemblance? It's actually the second time in recent weeks that I've gotten to have lunch with them -- part of the reason we got together was so that I could bring them a couple copies of my mom's books, but unfortunately, I totally forgot to bring the books last time! Absent-minded professor.... Well, it gave us another excuse to see them, and this time, my mom was better at remembering the books!

Uncle Paul and Auntie Sarah entertained us with fun stories from their whirlwind travels to all corners of the earth, illustrated with photos on his new iPod video. Playing with rockhopper penguins in Antarctica, hiking in Patagonia, riding camels in Arabia (the dromedaries are more ornery and harder to ride than the bactrians), trying on dabs of real frankincense from a frankincense tree -- they had lots of stories to tell! Mostly, though, it was just nice simply to see family again, just to see their faces and be together.

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