Marking statistics homework!

Posted by seanho on Wed 20 September 2006

Marking, marking, marking, always more marking! (That's "grading" for the U.S. folks.) Here's the fruit of my labour for the last two and a half hours -- I've marked a total of nearly 400 questions and given out a total of 1155 points. Had to finish it tonight so I can hand them back at tomorrow's 8am class. I do love teaching, especially the face-to-face interaction with the students, but I don't know of a teacher alive who actually enjoys marking! I need to start selecting only certain questions for marking.

Apologies for the lapse in blogging; it's what happens when I get busy! There was lots of fun stuff over last weekend, from visiting the Souljourners college fellowship to speaking at Burnaby Alliance's Mandarin college group to a hilarious potluck dinner with JonC's small group. Lots of good stuff to blog about... but... right now... I'm just reeeeaally hungry and tired....!

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