Melody and Jason's wedding!

Posted by seanho on Sat 05 January 2008

Yay, our friends Melody and Jason at Surrey ECBC got married today! They are both so sweet and gentle, with such fervent hearts to serve the Lord. It is so wonderful that both of them are from Christian families; that came through in the course of the whole wedding day, in the focus on worshipping God and giving Him all the glory. I thought it was very pure, without any taint of the awkward weird partying that often accompanies non-Christian weddings. It reflects a simple child-like faith and a heritage of following the Lord. I found particularly touching the slideshow presentation at the reception banquet: the story of how Jason+Melody met and fell in love seemed so simple and straightforward, with relatively little angst -- truly a match brought about by Christ.

Here's the happy couple with me and Esther, Pastor Larry's wife -- we were the only two people from VCAC there who know Melody+Jason! Esther was Melody's roomie at TWU.

A couple more photos are in a separate album.

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