Miles to go in a footstep

Posted by seanho on Wed 30 January 2008

From what I hear we didn't get a white Christmas, but we're getting our white winter wonderland now! The past week or two, temperatures have hovered right at or below freezing, with a lot of moisture -- so either we get a bunch of snow, or a bunch of rain, or something in-between! Last night was foggy and freezing -- perfect conditions for black ice!

A minute ago, snow was falling quite thickly, although it's tapering off now. It's so peaceful outside, as the snow traps echoes and stills the landscape. And here in its midst, I feel my Heavenly Father trap and still my own heart. The snow-laden boughs are so pretty on this quiet stand of trees just outside my building on TWU campus; it's just a few steps from my office. It would be lovely just to sit in silence and watch as woods fill up with snow:

The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

But alas, the "real world" beckons; I need to head back in. Miles to go before I sleep.

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