Mommy with first snow of the season

Posted by seanho on Sun 26 November 2006

Well, between last night and this morning, we've got about 15cm/6in of snow, and it's still falling! Rather few of the roads are being plowed, so we're kinda stuck at home. I had been planning on going to Knight St. church in Vancouver today, but gave up on that idea... then we thought of walking to the small neighbourhood church that meets at the middle school across the street, but eventually gave up on that, too! So my mom and I stayed at home and prayed together; we watched the Crystal Cathedral's "Hour of Power" on TV (not too pleased with Robert Schuller's "prosperity gospel": the sermon was rather disappointing, mostly asking for money) and a Radio Bible Class program on Saul (walking through various Holy Land sites; that was pretty cool!). Afterward, we hung up my IKEA curtains and relaxed by the fire. The snow makes everything so quiet and peaceful and bright!

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