Moonrise in my living room

Posted by seanho on Tue 20 March 2007

Oof, the past few weeks have been quite tiring; it's that time of semester again, about a month before finals, and everyone is tired and stressed out -- both students as well as teachers! I've found rest and a bit of a guilty pleasure in some light leisure reading in the evening: Charlotte Brontë's "Jane Eyre", which I picked up not long ago. I quite like it! The effusive descriptions of landscape and character are so immersive, and I love the Romantic picture of external weather reflecting internal emotions. The character of St. John also really made me think -- he's a very driven, self-disciplined, noble servant of God, but he sacrificed his own love towards Rosamund because of his sense of duty and calling. I wonder how effective he'd be preaching the gospel and communicating God's love when he had denied his own heart in this way....

Next on my list: "Pride and Prejudice"!