More snow!

Posted by seanho on Wed 10 January 2007

Oh my, well I'm so thankful just to have made it home! The forecast was for light flurries, a cm or two at most -- this is more like six inches! Yeah, in the grand scheme of things it's not a lot of snow, but I really really need to get snow tires now; my worn all-seasons are like glass on this wet powder. I wonder how many more storms we'll get this season. I was so thankful for our ever-humble custodians, Alan+Phyllis, who shepherded me home, following behind me to make sure I didn't get stuck. Their kindness reminded me of 1Cor1:4 -- "Love is kind". χρηστευομαι (crhsteuomai, "chreis-Teu-o-mai") means "willing to help, useful" -- an attitude of, "May I help you?". So encouraging!

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