Name That Hymn

Posted by seanho on Wed 13 December 2006

A few days ago I dreamed about singing praise and worship songs together with a small group of friends -- casual, intimate, and Spirit-led. No program; someone would just start singing, and the rest of us would join in on guitar, keys, or vocals. A lot of the songs were fairly upbeat and contemporary, and also loud. We had time for one more song, which everyone expected to also be contemporary, but what came out was the simple melody of an old hymn. In my dream it brought tears to my eyes as our group was brought back to the timeless truth and childlike faith of the hymn.

When I awoke from my dream, the melody was still in my head, and I played it to my mom on my guitar, but I couldn't remember what hymn it was! Drove us crazy for a couple days. Finally, today my mom recalled the title of the tune: "Beneath the Cross of Jesus".

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