North Lonsdale

Posted by seanho on Sun 08 October 2006

123°04'41"W by 49°21'02"N

The sky is just so beautiful today, deep blue and cloudless, a perfect complement to the green Douglas firs tinged yellow by the late afternoon sun.

After church today, I had planned on eating lunch with a bunch of LIGHT folk, but ended up chatting on the phone with my sister for an hour and a half (sorry, guys!). So after a rather late lunch around 3pm, I had the rest of the afternoon to myself. It was a lovely day just to drive, so I meandered through downtown, across the Lion's Gate Bridge, and up the mountains of North Vancouver, chasing the bright blue sky. As I climbed up these steep winding residential back lanes, with expansive views of downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park, and English Bay spread out below me, I realized with a start that I really had no idea where I was -- and that I didn't care; it was just so beautiful. I pulled over here next to an empty lot, and spent a couple hours just enjoying the view, thinking, praying, sharing with God. It's so refreshing to pray and pray until I've said all I wanted to say to God, and then to keep praying in the silence, listening -- for it's in that silence that God can get a word in edgewise.

Postscript: I did find my way home afterward; thank God for GPS!