"Portion control"

Posted by seanho on Sat 07 July 2007

It's beautiful, sunny, and breezy today, perfect for a light brunch out on the balcony! No fellowships or small groups or meetings today, which means I can spend some time in the Word, preparing for upcoming retreats and sermons -- but it also means it's kinda lonely, by myself in my little house. Here's my masterpiece meal for this morning -- a pound of fresh halibut fillet, pan-seared in olive oil, together with a medley of steamed broccoli, sweet yellow bell peppers, romaine lettuce, and hot-house tomatoes. I didn't think very hard about the portions, though, so I cooked way too much: it was a rather filling meal for me! It would have been enough food for two people, I think -- but there was only me at the table today, awwww.....

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