Primary colours on TWU campus

Posted by seanho on Wed 11 October 2006

Well, with the end of summer and the arrival of fall here in the Lower Mainland, I was fully expecting to hunker down for six months of wet and grey without the sun. It's such a pleasant surprise to see bright blue skies! It's still getting chilly out, and the late evenings and early mornings out here cover the valley with a soft blanket of pillowy fog. I snapped this shot on my way to chapel, walking through the central courtyard on campus.

The walk to and from chapel is a good chance to get out of the office! After long hours marking, my shoulders and trapezius muscles are getting kinda strained. Need to work on my posture! Last night was a long night in the office, staying until around 11:30 marking statistics midterms; that's no good on the back, either....

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