Prospect Point with Eva et al

Posted by seanho on Mon 03 September 2007

So about a month ago, Joyce emails me from Seattle, regarding one of her small group members who is moving up to Richmond, working for Microsoft. Well, any friend of Joyce's is a friend of mine, and when Joyce told me how "protective" she gets over Eva, it somehow made me more protective of her, as well! Although I know she's quite capable of taking care of herself, but it's still a nice feeling to kind of take someone "under my wing," even if only for a short time and in a small way.

So finally, this weekend Eva's moving up here, together with her mom, into a temporary rental apartment while she continues to look for a more permanent place closer to work. The whole gang from Seattle came up to help her settle in! We had a great time together -- a packed schedule, but somehow still relaxed and enjoyable, everyone so comfortable with one another. On this Labour Day, with Eva's stuff in place (only two car-fuls), bank account set up, and enough groceries to feed a troop for a week, we took a break to relax and do some touristy stuff -- here we are at Prospect Point in Stanley Park, overlooking North Vancouver.

From left to right, I'm here with Jennifer, Joyce, Dennis, Eva's mom, and Yiwei -- the only one missing is the girl of honour, Eva! She's behind the camera.

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