QQ at Nai-nai's house

Posted by seanho on Sat 22 December 2007

Our big trip today was a 2.5hr drive up to LA to visit my brother-in-law's mom and other relatives. We all got up fairly early for the drive, so when we arrived at "Nai-nai"'s house (QQ's paternal grandmother), the kids were a little antsy to get out and play. DD made a bee-line for the stash of matchbox cars -- the very same cars that his dad played with when he was small! QQ took a bit of entertainment by finding her current location on this light-up globe, with the help of her dad. Later on, we had lunch with Ivans' grandmother, aunts+uncles, and cousins. I was joking around with my sister: my relationship to them is that I'm their ... nephew's wife's brother ... which makes me ... about as closely related to them as the waiter is. :) We still had a good time, though!

More photos in a separate album!

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