Rental Camry

Posted by seanho on Sat 09 December 2006

More embarrassing car stories! Yeah, so with the sudden 15cm of snow we got overnight last weekend, I learned quickly that snow and bald all-season tires are not a good mix. So, by gracefully sliding into a curb at Costco, real low speed, less than 20kph, I mangled my front driver-side axle, steering knuckle, hub, control arm, bushings, lower tie bar, rear beam and rear rotor -- the dealership quoted me $1700 in parts, plus four hours of labour! Yipes! The car's still in the shop, waiting on parts, so this weekend I've got this lovely rental, a 2007 Toyota Camry. The interior of the Camry is nice and big, with a luxury feel, but it wallows like a boat in the corners and is horribly underpowered with the 2.5L engine. It's got a tighter turning radius than my little Sentra, though!

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