Reunion08: family portrait!

Posted by seanho on Mon 26 May 2008
Yes, so every time we get together as a family, our mom really wants
us to have a nice family portrait -- so she can show us off everywhere she goes, of course! One family reunion back before any of the kids were born, we had a family portrait that included my sister-in-law before they got married -- I think it was even before they were engaged.
That family photo got circulated through the many churches my parents
speak at, and even got published in one of their books. Fortunately, my brother did marry her -- it would have been mighty awkward if they hadn't gotten married and she was still in those books!

This photo is just in our hotel room, with all the kids piled on the bed, and the adults around them. We're kind of grouped by families, except that Jake is in the wrong spot. Ah well, it's a lot better than can be hoped for! We were able to take three bursts of shots before the overlapping windows of happiness for all the little ones started closing....

More photos in a separate album! <>

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