Reunion08: flight out

Posted by seanho on Wed 21 May 2008

The next few blog entries will be a series taken from the 1800 photos I took over my 9-day trip out to Boston to see my family! Our family reunions are big and complicated to organize now, with six little ones and several cross-continent flights to book. This year, it was such a treat to see the nieces and nephews big enough to play well together -- E and QQ, the two eldest, would spend hours and hours locked up in their room playing together!

Today's entry is the first day of my trip -- unfortunately, to go eastward across the country, I have to spend pretty much a whole day flying: six hours total flying time, plus a couple hours' layover, plus three hours' timezone difference. Here I am at my stopover in Denver, chilling out at the posh Red Carpet Club -- my dad had plenty of miles to upgrade me to international First Class!

More photos in a separate album!

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