Rivendell retreat with CLUE!

Posted by seanho on Sat 07 April 2007

Wow, I had such a wonderful time this weekend with Jon's small group "CLUE", up at the lovely sacred retreat centre of Rivendell on Bowen Island! We all were able to spend time with each other and spend time in awe of God's faithfulness and majesty. What struck me most about the weekend was the concept of time -- when we arrived, the hostess quoted a line from the Fellowship of the Ring: "Time doesn't seem to pass here: it just is." Throughout most of the retreat, the hands of the clock seemed to disappear from our consciousnesses; we worried less about chronos, and simply moved from one kairos event to another, together as a group. What an utterly otherworldly feeling! The final day, of course, the clock started again, as we frantically hurried to clean up and make the 12:35 ferry. Oh, and we left a man behind, too! He did make it back later, under his own power!

More photos in a separate album!