Room in the inn: Sharon and Jun-Liang

Posted by seanho on Sun 02 December 2007

I've known Jun-Liang since I was eight years old; my father took him under his wing and was a mentor to him, and he became a part of our family. He's also, far and away, the best truly world-class violinist I have ever had the privilege to hear in-person. He+Sharon have been pillars in the church in Seattle, ECC, serving faithfully for many years.

This weekend they led a marriage enrichment retreat out in Sumas, WA, so after the retreat they swung up north of the border to come and visit Eva and me! It was such a joy to see them and host them at my place, even just for the night. My parents had often taken in Jun-Liang when he was younger, so I considered it an honour to "continue the legacy" of hospitality in a small way! They also are continuing the legacy of mentorship, by mentoring a number of young-adults in the Mandarin congregation at ECC -- including Eva when she was in Seattle. It was good to see Eva again: even though we nominally attend the same church, we rarely cross paths!

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