S.Van. Pacific Grace Church

Posted by seanho on Wed 27 June 2007

It's been a real treat to get to know the folks at South Vancouver PG church; they've been so welcoming and seem to have a real thirst for God's Word. As with many relationships, this one has developed over time -- both chronological time (about a year, I think, with my family; about six months with me directly) as well asĀ "kairos" time -- singular events that move things forward, like speaking in their English service and church retreat.

Today I met with Pastors Matthew and Justin to discuss and pray over the needs of their church and how I might be able to help out in some small way. I am really honoured and humbled by their invitation and am looking forward to preaching a short series here once a month, as well as ministering to their leadership discipleship small group. After the retreat, I think the bar has been set high -- their expectations of me are pretty bold! But it's done in a good way, with an encouraging spirit, and it's good accountability for me, pushing me to be in-depth and faithful to Scripture, while also practical and challenging in exhortation.

I do love this congregation, and I am looking forward not only that I get to spend some time together with them, but also, hopefully, that I can be of some benefit and encouragement to them in the Word of God! As for my own church, I do still care very deeply about our people, and there is such a pervasive need here for deeper Biblical teaching: I really want to do something about it, but at this point I'm not in much of a position to do that! I think these things have to come by God's leading and by invitation, and I haven't "worked my way up the ladder" at VCAC, so for now I guess I'll stick to serving behind the scenes, at a grassroots level, one person at a time. I have to remind myself that I cannot change the church: changing hearts is God's work!

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