Sauteed pork chop with nectarines

Posted by seanho on Tue 29 August 2006

OK, so this blog entry is my attempt to compensate for the entry about my gruel that my sister keeps drawing attention to. Yes, I can cook a little! Here before you lie the ingredients to tonight's scrumptious masterpiece -- butterfly pork chops marinated in honey mustard dressing, softened with a dusting of corn starch, and sweetened with a teaspoon of Disaronno liqueur. These were then sautéed in virgin olive oil on high heat until golden brown, after which the peeled diced BC nectarines on the left were added, together with a splash of lemon juice. Cover and let simmer on low/med heat for a few minutes, and it was ready to serve over Thai jasmine rice! Delicious when paired with a refreshing glass of sweet iced tea. Not too bad, eh? :)

.... yeah, my audience (me) isn't too discriminating about food ....

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