Seattle with my sister

Posted by seanho on Mon 20 August 2007

Our short overnight trip to Seattle this weekend was kind of bittersweet -- the primary purpose of the trip was for a memorial service for my uncle, who recently passed away in Seattle. Extended-family gatherings are more and more difficult as the years pass; our clan gets larger and more disperse. It was so nice to see the uncles and aunts, and the handful of cousins, who came to the memorial service, but our time together was really short, only a few hours for most of them before they had to catch their flights. The day was such a rushed jumble of emotions that I didn't think to snap a picture at the memorial service. But my sister's family stayed an extra day, so the next day we went to the Science Center and Space Needle to do some touristy stuff with the kids. The weather was the cloudy-drizzly nap weather typical of Seattle -- but at least there weren't big crowds!

More photos in a separate album.

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