SECBC at Cedar Grove Baptist

Posted by seanho on Sun 07 October 2007

Evangelical Chinese Bible Church is a large, mostly Mandarin-speaking, church in south Burnaby. There actually is some age-old history between ECBC and my hometown church, ECC -- and some of the politics is a bit sticky. Nevertheless, God has richly blessed ECBC, and it's probably got the largest Taiwanese population amongst churches in the Lower Mainland.

ECBC planted a small congregation in Surrey about ten years ago; this branch runs about 100 people total -- adults, teens, children. It's got a lovely small-church atmosphere, with lots of young families! They meet Sunday afternoons here at Cedar Grove Baptist in Surrey; it's been a tremendous blessing to have these spacious facilities. I've had a relationship with this church for about a year now, speaking in their Friday night teens' fellowship on science and the Bible, and again at their church summer retreat. It's such a privilege and a joy to work with the kids here!

At their request, now I get to teach the teens' baptismal class every Sunday afternoon for the next three months, and although it does mean my Sundays are rather full now, but it is so rewarding to be setting the groundwork with these kids, establishing the basics of what it means to be a Christian. The older I get, the more I see how easily even well-meaning old-time Christians can wander astray, and the more I see how important it is to lay a solid foundation at an early age!

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